What Every Ancient Coins For Sale Ad Should Include

If you are a coin collector and trader, you likely have ancient coins in the mix. When you get ready to sell them, or trade them, you will probably consider putting up an online or social media ad. If this is the case, and it is your first time doing this for ancient coins, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. Here are a few of those considerations to create an ideal ancient coins for sale ad and get them sold in an easy transaction.

Certification of Value

One of the first things you should include in your ad, especially an online or social media based ad, is a picture of the certification of value. This can be from an antique dealer or a certification that came with the coins when you purchased them. This will show that the coins are authentic and the value of the coins. This is important to dealers who know what they are looking for and what to know quickly and clearly that you have an authentic coin instead of a replica that may have been mass produced at a later time.

 Multiple Images of the Coins

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of good ancient coins for sale ad online are the images. Many sellers feel that just putting up one or two pictures will be all they need. Ideally you should have multiple pictures that show the coins front, back, side, any certificates, and a scale such as putting the coin next to another item like a ruler.

These multiple images will eliminate the need to answer questions about different angles of the coin and what the size of the coin is for a new collector. Ideally you should consider taking the picture in a light box to give the best detail of the coin possible. Light boxes can be purchased from most photographer stores or made out of a box lined with white paper and two lamps on either side.

Basic Answers

Some of the more common questions, like if a bill of sale is included with purchase, are the very things that you may overlook. Make sure to include basic questions and answers at the end of your ad that cover how much shipping costs will be, if shipping insurance will be included, and if local pick-up is available. This will save you time and help potential buyers determine if these are the coins they want to buy.

By keeping these considerations in mind and including them in your ad, you can enhance the ad and help buyers determine if your items are what they want. Contact a coin specialist, like Harlan J. Berk, LTD, for more information.